The Build Responsible Institute is dedicated to awareness and education for consumers and the building industry.

Build Responsible™ is a new name for an old concept. Our parents taught us to be responsible, sharing their lifetime of experience and knowledge. When building or remodeling, you need someone with a lifetime of experience and access to the entire industry to gain proper knowledge. This web site, the articles and public appearances are all created to help you make responsible building and remodeling decisions for you and your family.

When building or remodeling your home, you have many decisions to make. Many of your decisions will have a dramatic effect on our environment, on our energy resources and safety and accessibility in your home. How do you know what choices to make? How does your building team of contractors, architects and designers know what choices to make? Is your home safe if you or your friends have any physical limitations? The pillars of the Build Responsible™ Institute are: Green, Energy and Accessibility.

Erik ListouGREEN: Green building and remodeling is here to stay. Green is an earth friendly, whole systems approach to building and remodeling from product selection to waste removal. Using composite products instead of whole trees and products designed to last a lifetime will help to preserve our natural resources. Build Responsible™ is your guide to education and awareness of the concepts, products and services available to make your home green.

ENERGY: Energy sustainability is using products that are designed to save energy as well as produce energy in your home. Solar panels, radiant heating, insulation and many other ideas all help to reduce your energy usage. Imagine your home with no electric bill? Build Responsible™ is your resource guide to education and awareness of the concepts, products and services available to help save our planet.

ACCESSIBILITY: Accessibility is making your home safe for everyone, regardless of their temporary or permanent physical condition. Wider doors, no-step entrances and showers, grab bars, attention to design and details that ensure comfort in your home for many years. Build Responsible™ will help you understand how important accessibility is for you, your family and your friends. If you follow the ideas and use the right products now, you will be able to live in your home safely and comfortably for many, many years. 

Erik Listou, CGR, CAPS, CGP, CAASH, CLR, LDST is a 40 year plus veteran of the building and remodeling industry. Listou was twice voted Colorado's top remodeler by the Denver HBA and has been recognized locally and nationally with projects and leadership awards. As an instructor for the NAHB University of Housing, Listou teaches remodelers and builders remodeling business principals (CGR), aging in place for remodelers (CAPS) and builders (CAASH) and green building (CGP).

A founding member of the Seniors Council in Denver, Listou is actively involved with the Remodelers & 50+ Housing Council in Denver as a board member and chair of the education committee and is involved with DRCOG initiatives on aging. Listou volunteered as president, then staff executive director, of the Denver Habitat for Humanity in the early 1990's and has continued his passion for community as an industry spokesperson by authoring over 60 articles and has been quoted in the media on industry issues. As the founder of the Build Responsible Foundation, Listou produces educational and awareness programs for home shows, seminars and programs for communities and businesses, hosted a Denver based talk radio show and television programming and provides continuing education for the building and remodeling industry.

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